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God of War: Ascension – Demo Impressions

Well, let me fix my face. Ever since Ascension was announced, I’ve been beset with a sense of fatigue. I have zero interest in the multiplayer, and none of the slick trailers or footage showed much difference from the last … Continue reading

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PC Gamers and The PS4: Missing The Forest For The Trees

One of the main reasons I got into PC gaming was the dismal HD performance on current gen consoles. Between sub-720p resolutions, frame drops even at 30fps, the constant aliasing and screen tearing, and god awful load-times despite massive HDD … Continue reading

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Kingpiccolo08 here. To be quite honest, I only have this blog because WordPress foisted it on me. I just signed up here to comment on another blog. I’ll probably post here when I’m willing and able, though. :p

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