Why Hope That Companies You Bitch About Will Bring Back Old IPs?

I’ve noticed a degree of schizophrenia among gamers when it comes to bringing back older games.

Take Final Fantasy fans, for instance. All this generation, I’ve heard nothing but bitter shit-talk about how terrible Square-Enix’s output has been–half of XIII being a tutorial set in a series of pretty hallways, XIV turning out to be an unmitigated disaster, and so forth. Yet the slightest hint of Final Fantasy Versus XIII or a VII remake is enough to get them super excited. The PS4 conference was yet another example of this; people were furious that Versus wasn’t mentioned during SE’s time on stage. (Granted, showing an old ass tech demo running on a PC is never excusable, but still…)

Then you have fans of Capcom fighters. Go on any fighting game site, and you’re bound to find pissing and moaning over how “scrub-friendly” Capcom’s beat-em-ups has gotten. And yet, like SE fans, the same people will immediately pounce on any news of an announcement on the hopes that something like Capcom vs. SNK 3 or Street Fighter Alpha 4 will be revealed. And just as quickly as their hype builds up, so too does it give way to anger once their own self-inflicted overexcitement isn’t sated by Capcom’s reps.

I, for one, don’t trust either company to deliver on any potential revivals at this point.

I’ve ignored the fuck out of most of SE’s Final Fantasy output this gen. Indeed, I haven’t bought a single mainline FF game since 10-2, a mistake I refuse to repeat. Likewise, considering what a shoddy, buggy mess Street Fighter x Tekken was, I’m not keen on buying another fighter from Capcom anytime soon. Especially when it’ll be full of stupid microtransactions that you’ll need to play on level ground.

I don’t get why people who constantly hate on these companies so much think that they’re incapable of screwing up their older properties, too. Why would their output magically improve? It makes no sense to me.

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2 Responses to Why Hope That Companies You Bitch About Will Bring Back Old IPs?

  1. volvocrusher says:

    There’s also that reviving a series may make the game too similar to something current gen. People forget that there were many games that were really similar to each other back then and rebooting won’t do much to change that. Just look at how generic the Bionic Commando and Splatterhouse reboots were.

    • Indeed, that’s the main thing I worry about whenever a reboot is announced–the game being watered down or muddled by modern-day mechanics and design being shoehorned in to appeal to people who probably weren’t interested anyway.

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