New Street Fighter IV Update Announced @ PAX East: Really, Capcom?

So, yeah. Capcom announced another update to Street Fighter 4.

Honestly? I’m not too excited.

I don’t even have my copy of Arcade Edition anymore. I have a lot more fun watching the game than playing it. It’s not like they needed a new version to prop-up a flagging competitive scene, as Version 2012 is a solid fixture in tournaments just like the last 3 versions. I doubt most outside of the hardcore set are going to be flocking to PSN/Live to download this.

This will be the 5th version of SFIV, which first came out here in ’09 and in Japanese arcades in ’08. Did we really need another version of the game 5 years out?

Why can’t they put those resources into, say, Marvel vs Capcom 3? It still has lots of problems, yet Capcom disbanded the team working on it a while ago and have said outright that they aren’t updating it, despite repeated requests from the fans all over the web. This, despite Marvel getting played just as often as SFIV. Are they really that unwilling to deal with Marvel to get anything done?

Beyond that…surely they could put those resources into a new fighting game? That’s what I really want. I don’t want them to keep updating old games, and I don’t trust them enough to bring back any of my old favorites anyway. After how badly they handled SFxT, the last thing I want to see out of Capcom in it’s current form is Capcom vs. SNK 3 or a new Rival Schools.

No, what they should do is an entirely new fighter with no relation to any of their other franchises. Not another cross-over, reboot, sequel or update; something that takes place in it’s own universe, with it’s own story, characters, and fighting mechanics. That way, it won’t come with the baggage of community expectations, and they can try new things.

But Capcom has the stomach for that. Hell, they aren’t even willing to commit to a proper sequel to Darkstalkers unless they see solid sales for the latest online package. But they can only trot out the oldies so much before people start getting bored with it and stop buying their stuff–and it’s not like people trust Capcom much lately anyway.

When are they going to make a new fighting game IP?

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